Prayer Requests

Novena (nine days) of Prayer between Ascension day and Pentecost

A Prayer for St Paul’s
Growing Congregations

Holy, heavenly Trinity,
three in one and one in three, we long to glimpse your perfect Majesty.

Devoted God,
cradling Father,
thank you for St Paul’s Church
as place, sanctuary, tranquillity, a haven of peace in the relentlessness of daily life.
Devoted God,
befriending Christ,
thank you for St Paul’s Church
as people, family,
companions on the Way, disciples called to tell your stories, to bear each other’s joys and sorrows, and to share your precious Gospel gift.
Devoted God, refreshing Spirit, thank you for St Paul’s Church
as presence,
steward of your love,
channel of your grace,
herald of your coming Kingdom.
In our prayers, help us to listen for your constant whisper of encouragement.
Inspire our decisions,
sharpen our vision
and lead us out as messengers and healers
into your wounded yet wonderful world.
© Vestry of St Paul’s, Kinross